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PETROF Piano Ambassador

Jan Vesely is an ambassador for PETROF Pianos


PETROF, the largest piano manufacturer in Central Europe, has been supporting Jan since the beginning of his musical journey.

Member of the PETROF Art Family

Since 2014, Jan has been a member of the PETROF Art Family. The PETROF Art Family is a loose association of professional pianists and prominent international and Czech artists who sympathize with the PETROF brand. The association's goal is to connect talented artists from various musical genres. Among its members are Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek, Lukáš Klánský, and composer Petr Malásek. Internationally, it includes world-class pianists like Yuval Salomon from Israel, Gamazda from Russia, and Karim Kamav from England.

"Jan brings a 'breath of fresh air' to the PETROF Art Family and proves that this artistic collective is not limited by genre. He operates on the cusp of several genres and can seamlessly blend seemingly incompatible styles. His projects, whether as an interpreter or composer, stand out for their inventiveness and originality," says the PETROF company.


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