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The Wedding Pianist

I offer unique multi-genre programs. You can choose from a repertoire of more than 100 pieces that include classical, contemporary, and film music. We can also tailor a program specifically for you, and in case of any special requests for particular pieces, I can learn them.

We are able to arrange everything from electric pianos to luxurious grand pianos.

For more please fill out the non-binding inquiry form below.

The price starts at 500 euros


The Perfect Wedding

The perfect wedding? A live piano will make your wedding an unforgettable experience with a unique atmosphere. With hundreds of performances ranging from weddings to luxury events for brands like Prada, Valentino, and Boss, I bring over 10 years of experience as a PETROF brand ambassador. For more information, you can check out and read the new article in Forbes, listen to my songs on Instagram, or YouTube channel. To receive a repertoire or inquire further, please fill out the non-binding inquiry form.

Piano for Your Wedding

I offer the opportunity to bring a piano directly to your wedding venue. You can choose between a floral piano, a classical acoustic piano or a luxury grand piano from the renowned PETROF brand. What's more, I can customize the color of the instrument to your liking so that it blends perfectly with the overall design of your wedding.

The arrival of guests, the ceremony, or a festive lunch – even an hour of playing can be effectively spread throughout the entire wedding day.

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Jan Vesely & Terezia Kovalová (Piano & Cello)

I collaborate with Terezie Kovalová, the most sought after Czech cellist. Combining our two stringed instruments, we achieve an intense and intimate atmosphere that will resonate with your emotions at the most important moment of your life.

A sample of our collaboration

Jan Vesely & KJ Sax
(Piano & Saxophone)

Looking for an energetic show? I can provide music not only for the ceremony or wedding lunch but also for the after-party, where I can perform alongside saxophonist KJ Sax. Together, we can infuse your wedding with a tremendous amount of energy.

A sample of our collaboration


Non-binding inquiry form

Interested in a concert? Fill in the inquiry form.

In case of an urgent matter, please contact my manager Aneta Hüblová at +420 728 669 669 or e-mail

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