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Experiential concert with dinner for PRADA

Invitations that took guests from Pařížská Street to a five-star arts hotel. An evening that brought together music, fashion, contemporary art, and themed gastronomy.


Jan Veselý played a solo piano concert on October 4, 2023 at an experiential dinner for PRADA's closest clientele. The originally grasped event took place in the five-star art hotel The Mozart Prague, specifically in the salon, whose walls are adorned with design murals by contemporary artist David Strauzz.

The event was held and created under the guidance of Jan's manager Aneta Hüblová, and the format of the classic dinner for VIP guests was taken to a new level with its concept, thus breaking away from the classic events of a similar type. It was not a dinner with background music, but an exclusive concert that was directly linked to the dinner.

5 courses, 5 themes, 5 musical motifs and 1 multi-genre pianist.

The evening was divided into five parts, with each having its own theme to work for the event of the fashion brand and carefully chosen space. "Romance", "Italy" "Classical", but also "Trendy" and "Mozart" for example.

Each section began with a concert section, featuring themed pieces, and concluded with a transition into a dining experience, serving one of the courses that thematically responded to the music. Guests were able to enjoy pieces by Mozart, for instance, in the hotel's artistic space, where Mozart even composed one of the pieces himself. Immediately afterward, the audio-visual experience was expanded to the taste sphere with a themed course of "Mozart balls", which the chef had designed along the lines of Viennese cuisine.

In another section, guests enjoyed the combination of Italian music with the Italian course, as an example. The trend-setting drinks were a revival after each course, among which guests tasted, for example, the "Pink Lady" in a tall glass accompanied by a musical variation on the Barbie soundtrack or a shot of the "Night King" accompanied by fire effects on the surface of the glass and tunes from the Game of Thrones series.

Jan Veselý conceives his concerts in an original, unusual, and musically varied way. The event is another example of the possible combination of classical and modern music, which Jan can combine naturally.


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