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Celeste Buckingham
The music video for the song 'Láska na Vlásku' was filmed at the end of 2014 in the Czech version of the same-named movie.
Terezia Kovalová
Terezie Kovalová, a Czech cellist who collaborates with several well-known artists. Together with Jan, they recorded the song 'Moonlight,' which is the conclusion of the album Mood. In 2022, they released their first music video for the song Show Must Go On together. Since 2023, they have been performing concerts together.
The song Prolog was written by the lyricist SharkaSs and composed by Jan as the opening song for the 'Mood' album. It serves as a representation of their several years of collaboration and reflects the different stages of both musicians.
Gabriela Gašpárová
The Christmas song 'DÍKY' was composed by Jan for Gabriela Gášpárová in 2021 and lyrics were provided by rapper SharkaSs. It is one of many songs that SharkaSs and Jan have written together.
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